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Cryogenic Equipment

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Besides our comprehensive range of cryogenic valves, STÖHR ARMATUREN also offers the supply of cryogenic equipment for use in your cryogenic system:

  • Development and manufacturing of cryogenic components or custom-made cryogenic equipment. When appropriate, we cooperate closely within our partner network both for scientific advice (thermal design calculations, sensors, electric control) and for deliveries of specific components
  • Integration of components and test of the (sub) system (hot and cold test)
  • Documentation, if required acceptance testing / certification of conformity
  • Support for construction or installation on-site
  • Maintenance, repair and spare parts

Potential scope of STÖHR ARMATUREN

Cryogenic Couplings (Johnston couplings or customer specific)

Vacuum-insulated transfer lines (including multi-layer insolation, optional with pump port and gauge port)

LHe syphon

Welding and piping of cryogenic valves within the tank

Cold boxes (for LIN, LHe or other gases)

Components for Helium Partial Liquefier.
Calculation, Design and Realization by ILK Dresden

STÖHR ARMATUREN was rewarded with the seal of quality for "Innovation by Research" by the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft (Founding Association for German Sciences) and is a permanent corporate member of following cryogenic associations: Deutscher Kälte- und Klimatechnischer Verein | Cryogenic Society America, Inc. | British Crygenics Council |

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