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QMS according to
DIN EN 9001:2008
Certificate no. QS-2930 HH

Temperatures close to absolute zero, pressures around 600 bar. To secure the supply of energy, to maintain warmth and safety, for the production of these goods under extreme circumstances, extreme conditions are required. Regarding energy supply this is valid for valves and all the other links of the chain as well. Whether in nuclear power plants or in any other device control. To guarantee safety you must resist the most extreme conditions. This ensures that function and long lifetimes are guaranteed.

Professional manufacturing, optimal function and long lifetimes – thanks to a modern Quality-Management-System and profound knowledge and experience STÖHR products will meet extreme requirements.

STÖHR ARMATUREN – extreme is our business

The STÖHR high-grade valves are manufactured according to the following and other regulations:

  • certification acc. to AD2000-HP 0
  • regulations for nuclear power plants KTA 1401
  • naval regulations of Germanischer Lloyd
  • ATEX regulations for explosion prevention
  • Authorization for the transfer of identification EN 10204-3.1
  • Pressure vessel regulations DGRI - Modul H
  • Certification acc. To DIN EN ISO 9001

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The observance of all these regulations is guaranteed by regular production inspections:

  • acceptance certificates
  • inspection of welding seams by x-ray, ultrasonic and surface crack tests
  • max. tightness checked by helium leak detector
  • long lifetimes by long-term tests with different load alternations
  • expert inspections by TÜV, kiwa, DNV and others

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The product documentation is one main part of the quality management for the complete description of constant quality:

  • register of material certificates
  • register of all recorded in-process inspections and final inspections
  • operation manual

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Quality processes – actual processes for for high product quality:

  • working on quotations and purchase orders
  • research, development and design
    • low flow losses
    • low cavitation
    • testing of shock resistance
  • purchase and inspection of goods received
  • production and assembly
    • inspection of measuring and testing facilities
    • inspection of orders and products
    • high cleanness by:
      • washing installations
      • particular cleaning
      • cleanroom
  • final inspection of our products

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STÖHR ARMATUREN was rewarded with the seal of quality for "Innovation by Research" by the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft (Founding Association for German Sciences) and is a permanent corporate member of following cryogenic associations: Deutscher Kälte- und Klimatechnischer Verein | Cryogenic Society America, Inc. | British Crygenics Council |

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