valves and components for gas industry
cryogenic and high-pressure engineering
aerospace, marine and energy industry


Activities and references

Aircraft and space technology
Naval technology, submarines
Nuclear power plants
Hydrogen services
Special gases
Technical gases
Medical gases
Cryogenic services
Science and research
Vacuum technology

Air Liquide
Valves for the propulsion test beds of “Ariane” VINCI-propulsion
DLR Lampoldshausen

Linde AG
Valves for the supply of hydrogen engines in experimental vehicles (also for fuel cells)

Linde AG, Schalchen, Germany
Valves for cryo gasifiers and trailers

Messer Griesheim, Linde, Air Liquide, Air Products
Valves for bottling plants of technical and medical gases

HDW, TNSW, Kockums
Valves for naval technology

Air Products, Kautex, TI Automotive
Valves for the automotive industry (F2N2 Gas)

Nuclear power plants
Krümmel, Philippsburg, Stade, Isar, Brokdorf, Brunsbüttel, Grohnde, Angra 2 + 3
Valves for the primary circuit, secondary circuit and the water supply

Kinetics, Intega, Logitex, Imtech
Valves for the semiconductor and glass fibre production

Philips Aachen, Narva Plauen
Plants and components for the bulb production by liquid nitrogen

Max-Planck-Institut Garching, MPI Heidelberg
Helium cryostats, magnet cryostats, different cryostats

Components for cryogenic fluids

Sauerstoffwerk Friedrichshafen
Oxygen plants Lenzburg (Switzerland) and Gellep (Germany)

Valves for bottling plants

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