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FREES with integrated pneumatic actuator:
government-funded from Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy

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FREES – Video illustrating the function.

FREES is the world's only cold valve for installation in vacuum-insulated lines that can be installed in any position.
Watch the video to explain you how it works.

FREES – the new valve generation with minimal clearance volume .

FREES offers more than 240% overall system performance compared with conventional vacuum insulated valves because it provides 3 benefits:
Less pump cycles, better maintenance and reliability and more planning flexibility. FREES – the unique cryogenic valve with an innovative patented design.

first benefit: more flexible

FREES enables to use available space, as can be installed in any position. Such as a vacuum insulated cryogenic valve. E.g. horizontal and below ceiling, hence saving more than 80 % space. Easier and more flexible planning from now on with FREES!

second benefit: quicker

For you FREES shrinks space! The innovative design requires 80 % less space – for a much better performance, as faster to evacuuate with less pump cycles. Hence quicker to start-up the system with less shut-down period.

third benefit: cleaner

FRESS is cleaner because of the minimal clearance volume surface. Reduced for more than 80% it prevents that particle adhere at inner surface and avoids undesired chemical reactions.
For a clean and stable vacuum.

FREES schnittzeichnung des minimierten Totraumes

Figure.: Slice of the mimimal clearance volume.

Intrinsic clearance volume

Clearance volume is intrinsic; that means it is unavoidable within the system from a functional point of view.
Nevertheless, clearance volume in a valve is an undesirable phenomenon because a product or contaminant can enter the space and very little or no flow exchange is possible within it.
When we talk of products we mean both the operating medium and the purging medium or even an inert gas that must be introduced because the operating medium has an explosion risk. It can also include the ambient air, with all its usual contaminants, which had been trapped inside during valve assembly. Due to chemical reactions, contamination or changes in condition, products entering into clearances can result in significant follow-up costs.

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Frees Techn. Specs.

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