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STICKS Insert Konzept

The streamlined body of STICKS 900S is available for ordering as of March 2013.

Please ask for STEP data files for inclusion into you drawings at info@stoehr-valves.de, or
phone +49 8231 3490-0.

Lean valve body (straight- through flow type)

Sticks TD
STICKS TD combines all product advantages of the cryogenic valve series STICKS with the installation position upside down


STICKS, the cryogenic valve series for vacuum jacketed pipes and systems with insert concept

The new STICKS series valves are of Stoehr’s new insert concept which provides the industry with decisive advantages. The main advantage of many is the ability to change the valve function within existing systems quickly and cost effectively.

The insert design of the STICKS valves ensures high durability and compatibility for safe interchange. The insert concept allows system operators too quickly and simply exchange inserts and therefore the function of an existing system without effecting the vacuum insulation.
An operator can change his system from manual to pneumatic operation or from a stop valve to a non return valve with minimum system disturbance or downtime or addition high costs.

The STICKS series valves are manufactured with quality designed in to every detail, they are safe in operation and flexible within the system.
STICKS for valve sizes ranging from DN 10 to DN 50.

Techn. Specs STICKS

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Product News

Lower heat input by reduced mass of the valve body STICKS 900S contributes to increasing the performance of the cryogenic plant.

Produkt information STICKS 900S

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Product News
STICKS with body housing

STICKS and other cryogenic valves from STÖHR now available with factory-provided multi-layer adsorption insulation material and body housing for the quick use in vacuum insulated pipes.



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