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Type:  Sticks-Ventilbaureihe Ellips-Ventilbaureihe Univers-Ventilbaureihe Balans-Ventilbaureihe Axius-Ventilbaureihe

Service fluid: 

N2, O2, H2, Ar, N2O, CO2 (other service fluids upon request)

Seat leak rate: 

1x10-6 mbar x ltr /sec 1x10-6 mbar x ltr /sec

Leak rate to atmosphere: 

1x10-8 mbar x ltr /sec

Operating temperature: 

3 K to 323 K

Nominal diameters: 

DN 4 to DN 200 DN 4 to DN 200

Operating pressure: 

upto 18 bar upto 40 bar upto 250 bar upto 420 bar upto 420 bar


All actuators* **


angle type
manual forces

The main competence of STÖHR ARMATUREN is the development and manufacture of solutions according to the customers requirements.

Your requirements define the products. We look forward to receiving your enquiry.
Phone: +49 8231 3490-31


manual, pneumatic, hydraulic, electrical motor, electromagnetic (others upon request)


only pneumatic

All STÖHR valves are provided with stainless steel bellows. This means maximum tightness in connection with high capacity, long life and the lowest leak rates.

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